Building Diagnostics · Electrical Applications

Spectrum Infrared specializes in the areas of electrical, building and equipment diagnostics and predictive maintenance; however, thermography can be used in any situation where a problem can be revealed by detection of a thermal difference.

Infrared thermal imagers are the first line of defense in a predictive maintenance program. Changes in temperature are a key parameter in equipment monitoring and, since thermal imagery is non-contact, technicians can quickly measure equipment temperature without disrupting operations. Where thermal imagery stands out is unit measurement versus spot measurement.

Thermal imagery is an extremely valuable tool for building owners, manufacturing companies, facilities managers and the like as it can provide important, otherwise unavailable, information about the buildings and/or equipment under their care. The thermal images assist in managing energy resources, ensuring proper maintenance and quality of construction which all assist clients saving money and improving performance and safety.


Electrical Applications
Inspection of all in plant electrical components resulting in the discovery of anomalies including:

· unbalanced loads

· overloaded systems

· loose or corroded connections

· under specified components

· component failure

Building Diagnostics

· insulation verification

· roof inspections

· locate air leakage

· moisture intrusion

· mold detection

· in floor heating locates

· flat roof inspections for water infiltration

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